Big Nerd Ranch: Advanced iOS Programming Day -1

Advanced iOS Programming

I arrived yesterday to Atlanta, GA for a week long iOS training at The Big Nerd  Ranch and will be blogging the whole experience in English and Spanish in hope that it might be useful for other fellow nerds considering the same training on Advanced iOS Programming.

Advanced iOS Programming

View from the hotel, near the airport

The flight from Madrid was uneventful  and after a short stop in Philadelphia I arrived yesterday to Atlanta almost at 10 pm. It has been quite some time since I last visited the US, I believe it was almost 6 years ago for a Smalltalk conference (Smalltalk Solutions in Florida).

In Europe and Latin America, there is a common belief  that the US is the least visitor-friendly country on Earth, second only to North Korea and Afghanistan. Definitely not so.  There might have been some horror stories involving the immigration and TSA officials, but in my experience this is totally unfunded: Americans are still the friendly and welcoming people I remember from previous trips. Actually, we could learn a few things in Europe…

Since the shuttle to the Big Nerd Ranch lodge only works on Sunday, I had to stay at a hotel near the airport for the night. The hotel is OK, and has a free shuttle from and to the airport, which is handy, but, hotel wise,  you definitely get a much better bang for the buck in Spain.

After a night fighting off jetlag (mostly unsuccessfully, I must say) it was time to start bumping my head against those “little differences between Europe and here”. And no, I’m not talking about “Le Mac Royal with cheese”, rather about being unable to regulate the flow, only the temperature of the shower. 😉 Once you get used to it, it kinda makes some sense. 😉

Anyway, nerdy posts will start tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Acerca de Fernando Rodriguez

Fundador & Editor Jefe de justcodeit, Fernando Rodríguez (@frr149 & Linkedin) es desarrollador & un experto en la enseñanza de máxima calidad en programación y desarrollo para dispositivos iOS, Cocoa Touch, Objective C, Swift, Python, entre otros, aunque su mejor carta de presentación, es la opinión de sus alumnos: CLO en KeepCoding & Arunovo. Instructor de iOS Avanzado del Big Nerd Ranch. Profesor Asociado de la U-tad, autor invitado de revistas como iPhoneWorld, & ponente habitual en conferencias dentro y fuera de España (iOSDevUK, CodeMotion, BCNDevCon, etc). En sus vidas anteriores fue un nerd de Python y Django, mago de Smalltalk, y para su pesar, galeote de C++ y un gran cocinero.

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